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Dongguan Mingyang Electroacoustic Products Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2003, the company is located in the management area of Changlong Village, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City. It specializes in R&D, production and sales of high-powered voice coils. The company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification, and has skilled employees and several highs. The technical research and development and production management personnel of the quality have an annual production capacity of more than 8 million voice coils;

We are constantly developing new types of high-temperature and rare raw materials. The raw materials are tested by SGS's authoritative testing organization and comply with ROHS standards. The raw materials are imported from the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries.

Great breakthroughs have been made in the development of high-power flat wire, round wire and unconventional special craft voice coils. The temperature resistance can reach more than 300 degrees, and it has been recognized and established by world-renowned audio brands.

Introduce foreign advanced production and testing equipment, improve the technical level of the company through technology, equipment and process improvement, and ensure the reliability and long-term stability of product quality;

Mingyang will adhere to the business philosophy of "stable quality, reasonable price, delivery on time, quality service" and the quality policy of "quality first, customer satisfaction, scientific management, continuous innovation" to provide customers with perfect and high-quality services.

We are not the first in the industry, but we are working hard to focus on PA high-power treble and woofer voice coils and special craft voice coils, and strive to become the preferred supplier of professional voice coils.




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